What are these “Priority Points” that your NAB Show rep is always referring to when it comes to selecting your booth space?

Simply put, Priority Points are the loyalty reward system for Exhibitors, Sponsors and Advertisers. Before we get to how these are earned, you should know that these reward points are how each exhibitor, advertiser or sponsor are ranked when it comes time to select space for the next NAB Show.

Still not with me? Think of these Priority Points as an airline rewards program. The more you fly, the more likely you are to get the more desirable seat on the plane and better accommodations. Same with Priority Points. The more you participate in the show, the more points you earn. By accruing these points, you in turn improve your ranking in in our Priority Points System. This “ranking” then reflects the allotted time slot you are given to select space for the next NAB Show.

So, how do you get these points? There are 6 ways to accrue points at each NAB Show. These are outlined below.

Exhibitors accumulate Priority Points in six ways:

  1. By exhibiting at NAB Show. This includes on-floor and LVCC Meeting Rooms.
  2. By participating in an official NAB Show Suite at the Wynn | Encore.
  3. By purchasing Advertising and/or Sponsorship opportunities for NAB Show.
  4. By becoming an NAB Associate Member 
  5. Participating as an Exhibitor or Sponsor in two (2) or more NAB events*
  6. By staying in the official NAB Show Housing block.

For a more in-depth look at the amount of points that are earned, I invite you to take a look here.

In summary, points are earned each year you participate, and more points are earned through added participation. Each year, all companies are given their Space Selection appointment time based on where they stand with total priority points. These points accrued over time remain with each company year to year and are only lost if there are two consecutive years of a company not participating in the show.

We hope this paints a clearer picture of our Priority Points and how they relate to your space selection time. Should you need further clarification, please contact us at exhibit@nab.org or call us at +1 (202) 595-1953.

Here’s to a successful 2018 NAB Show!