I sat down/connected with Danielle Rita, Marketing Manager, PR & Events for Signiant, a software solutions company and official exhibitor at NAB Show. For five consecutive years, Signiant has secured their room block through the Show’s official housing partner, Expovision. Danielle reviews why coordinating her company’s room block is one of her major responsibilities and the perks she experiences.

You Get a Dedicated Booking Specialist

“I would definitely recommend it especially for someone who sits in my role,” Danielle says. “There’s a million other items on the project plan for the Show so to know that Expovision is handling the reservations for me, I have peace of mind.”

You Get Ahead of the Booking Rush

Danielle knows that her company will need around 30 rooms at the MGM Grand, but their finalized list of team members for the Show isn’t complete until February. But with Expovision, a name list is not required when doing the reservation so she can get her rooms before the inventory at the hotel starts tightening up or selling out altogether.

“NAB Show isn’t the only trade show going on in Vegas and MGM Grand also hosts their own conventions, so it’s great that we’re able to lock that down upfront,” she says.

For this year’s NAB Show, Signiant already had their rooms reserved in November 2017.

You can Make Convenient Changes

Signiant typically has last minute additions to their team and her Booking Specialist, Stacy Dudley, is readily available to meet these adjustments. There hasn’t been a year when the team had to be split into different hotels; Stacy has always found rooms at the company’s first hotel choice.

“Whereas if I think I was dealing with the hotel directly, I don’t think they would be as forgiving or able to find a solution for me,” Danielle says.

You Have Payment Options

When exhibitors book with Expovision, a deposit is not charged at the time of booking. When Danielle books in the fall, she’s able to account for the room block in her budget. Knowing the total upfront is helpful for her in another way:

“It helps hold our individual sales reps accountable for the additional charges to their rooms.”

In order to give Signiant the best deal possible, Stacy contacts Danielle before the pricing is open to all NAB Show registrants. This is beneficial because the sooner an exhibitor books, the lower the hotel rate they’ll get.

Ready to secure your room block? You can book online or contact a Booking Specialist at (888) 622-8830.

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