It’s a blessing and a curse for convention exhibitors that Vegas is home to so many hotels. The best hotel for your team is out there, but it can be overwhelming to sort through the various room rates, amenities, locations, resort fees, parking… and on and on.

This is where Expovision’s Booking Specialists come in. A Booking Specialist is a single point of contact whom exhibitors trust their housing needs to; they’re experienced liaisons between you and the hotel. BMI the largest music rights organization in the United States, and Adorama a camera and film equipment company, share why they count on a Booking Specialist.

Get customized accommodations

Glenda Hart, BMI’s Vice President of Special Projects, says that her NAB Show team of about 60 people always stay at the Encore at Wynn. Every year her Booking Specialist makes sure to get them in the discounted room block and lock in necessary ballroom space to host their event.

Some of Adorama’s team stays for about two weeks, so long-stay amenities are a must. MGM Grand’s Signature suites met these needs because they have kitchenettes, its residents don’t have to walk through the lobby or casino and it’s easy to find parking.

Experience a simple process

Adorama’s Senior Marketing Manager, Abby Hessney, appreciates how she doesn’t have to wait on hold with the hotel or be transferred to multiple people.

“I have one person to talk to, it’s easy to make changes and ask questions and get information. Ever since then I’ve been using them because of that customer service,” says Hessney.

Hart echoed this praise: “Sometimes working with hotels in Vegas that have such a high volume and are busy, it’s very easy for information to get lost,” she says. “With Robin [her Booking Specialist], I have that confidence and from the very beginning of working with her she has never missed anything.

Robin even reaches out to Hart with information requests, updates and reminders, so there’s no concern about forgetting the details.

Outsource to a trusted vendor

Locking in your NAB Show room block through a Booking Specialist is no added cost. They are here to help not only get the best rates, but to deliver real-time support.

“Sometimes you’re hesitant when you hear about these third party companies coming in to do things, but I have to say working with Expovision I’ve been pleasantly surprised,” Hessney explains. “I would recommend it.”

In an age of email auto-responders and automated customer service lines, reaching a real person is refreshing.

Ready to secure your room block? You can book online or contact a Booking Specialist at (888) 622-8830.

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