You already know that NAB Show is the place to be for those involved in media, entertainment, and technology. As you prepare to reveal your latest tools and solutions on the NAB Show Floor to over 100K potential decision-makers, you will want to make sure every aspect of your exhibit experience is ready to shine – including your rigging!

Whether it’s simple signage or a massive overhead structure, here are some helpful hints for working with your exhibitor-appointed contractor (EAC) to ensure a smooth and speedy rigging process.

  1. First and foremost, be sure to register your EAC and submit a copy of their certificate of insurance. You want to make sure your EAC will be allowed to help!
  2. Ask your EAC to provide the truck schedule, anticipated start and stop times and rigging diagrams all in advance of the March 12 deadline. The more information provided, the better.
  3. Encourage your EAC to work with Freeman to coordinate rigging and electric services to create a seamless plan.
  4. Suggest that your EAC connect with the electric, rigging, and freight supervisors dedicated to their hall. Knowing the Freeman Supervisors will encourage better teamwork.
  5. Be on-site while your rigging is happening. You want to make sure your vision is executed perfectly!

Each of these tips can help us work together to ensure your experience at NAB is a huge success.  

If something doesn’t seem right, use your resources at NAB. The NAB Exhibit Services team is here to help you find the right people to get your questions answered.

Bonus Tip: March 12 is the deadline to take advantage of the best rates on Freeman products and services. Make sure you get your orders in before then – who doesn’t like to save money?

Want to start your planning now? Contact Freeman at (702) 579-1700.