GDPR has been a much talked about topic of discussion for businesses around the world, especially for the past couple of months. Below are 5 things about GDPR and how it applies to your company and your booth at NAB Show. Note that the following is simply informational and should not be considered legal advice.

  1. What is GDPR?
    GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation and helps EU citizens control companies’ use of their personal information. EU citizens now have among other things the right to be forgotten or to ask a company for access to all personal data they have stored on them. Companies will now have to ensure personal data has been gathered legally and with permission of the citizen as well as ensure the data is protected and will not be misused. GDPR took effect May 25, 2018.


  1. Who does GDPR apply to?
    GDPR applies to any company operating in the EU as well as companies outside the EU that offer or solicit services from EU citizens or businesses.


  1. What are some things my company should consider?
  • Take a look at your privacy policy and make sure GDPR practices are incorporated.
  • Ensure all processes going forward from May 25 include ‘opt – in’ approval from EU citizens for any data that will be stored. Also, make a clear path for customers to ‘opt–out’ if they choose.
  • Consult counsel and other knowledgeable experts to make sure your company is fully aware of the GDPR Rules and Regulations as well as potential penalties.


  1. What is NAB Show doing?
    NAB Show has consulted with counsel and is working with its vendors to ensure we are in compliance with GDPR. Our terms and conditions policy has been updated to reflect compliance with GDPR. For the 2019 NAB Show, EU Registrants will now need to opt-in. If we are notified by any registrant that they would like to have their information updated or removed, we have procedures in place to manage this.


  1. Does this effect my past lead Data?
    It is our understanding the any registrant before May 25, 2018 are only subject to the right to be forgotten, updated, etc. As far as lead retrieval, if a visitor was scanned at a booth, it is our understanding that they have given their consent to be contacted. NAB Show will be keeping all 2018 and prior years data and will readily delete or update if requested to do so by the registrant.