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Utilizing new features to reach your audiencesLooking to try something new this year? Here are a few ideas, by platform, to get you started.

  Facebook: Still the platform.

  •  In-app video cropping. So you can convert your videos to square formats which are best for mobile viewing and repurposing for Instagram!
  • Engagement advertising – If a viewer watched a video for 3 seconds or more, you can now target them since they’ve proven a level of interest in your ad. Retargeting taken up a notch!
  • Ad integration into messenger – a new way to leverage push notifications and stay top of mind.


  Instagram: The place where you’re free to be you.

  •  Instagram stories are the wild, wild west of social media right now – consider it FREE top slot advertising, people! Get your live game up – but keep it short (5 seconds or less), sweet, simple and to the point to reduce the, what I like to call, “skip effect.”
  • Don’t forget to be authentic on Instagram – this is where you show your followers your personality and who you are as not only a brand, but people.


  SnapChat: The inner, inner circle.

  •  With such low advertising fees, there is a lot you can throw a lot at the wall, see what sticks and optimize. Go for it. And be fun! This platform is meant to capture moments, don’t annoy your friends.
  • Again, keep it short!


  LinkedIn: Where the people serious about business hang.

  •  Taking a page out of Facebook and Instagram’s book, they recently release carousel ads – allowing you to feature more than one photo in a placement at a time. Great for engagement and telling a bigger story!
  • Also recently launched lead generation ads – who doesn’t love a proactive opt-in?


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