We are Christy Ricketts from Contemporary Research and Karen Ricci from ARRIS . We serve as the Exhibitor Advisory Committee (EAC) representatives for South Upper Hall for exhibitors with 400 to 2999 square feet. Just like you, our companies exhibit at the NAB Show. This committee was formed to provide NAB Show Exhibitors a dedicated group to voice concerns directly to NAB Show staff. The committee is made up of three exhibitors from each hall, one representing booths with 100-399 square feet, two representing 400-2999. Also on the committee is a representative for International and Outdoor booths as well as two exhibitors representing large booths in any hall over 3000 square feet.


Every summer we gather at NAB Headquarter in Washington, DC to discuss the previous year’s show and plan for the next year. We discuss topics that are important to exhibitors such as attracting new attendees, labor expenses, rules and regulations, floor layout, priority points and much more. It is a great opportunity to have our voices heard and to learn from a wide variety of exhibitors.  In the past we have worked to reduce exhibitor costs, improve food quality and enhance the overall attendee experience.

If you are interested in learning more about the Exhibitor Advisory Committee or have thoughts you would like to share on how to improve the show, click on this link and e-mail us.  We will be emailing exhibitors in our halls directly as the show approaches and always welcome personal meetings. Thanks for exhibiting at NAB Show!