NAB Show created the NAB Show Cares program to support and improve the exhibitor’s experience at the show.  The new unlimited material handling program was the first major initiative rolled out for the 2019 show.  Now, we are pleased to reveal another exciting change — “No Surprise Electrical Outlet Pricing”.

Through NAB’s research and conversations on electrical pricing, we learned exhibitors were unhappy with what they called “hidden costs” – charges for extension cords, materials, and labor, which they felt should be included with the cost of an outlet.  Exhibitors found these expenses to be difficult to budget and even more difficult to review and audit on their post-show invoices.

Therefore, new for 2019, the price of an outlet will include the materials and floor work labor associated with the installation and removal of that outlet. 

Special Exclusive Pricing Incentive for Smaller Exhibitors
Even better — as an added benefit for exhibitors with smaller booth spaces – NAB Show is excited to announce a special low rate of just $74.59 for a 120v, 500 watt, 5 AMP outlet.  This new rate is exclusively available to exhibitors with inline booth spaces of 10’ x 40’ or less.

Below is a chart to outline the costs and savings for 2019 NAB Show.


2019 Electrical Sample Pricing Comparisons


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