Across all shows in the U.S., exhibitors expect the cost of hanging signs to be a big expense. However, due to the nature of products and services offered by NAB Show exhibitors, the expense of a rigging crew to hang truss and lights is a particularly sensitive issue.

Did you know that Rigging & Hanging Signs represent 20% of the NAB Exhibitors’ overall collective spend on show services – even though just 400 out of 1800 exhibitors use the service?

Through the Tradeshow Logic Show Services Study, NAB Show found that the points of pain surrounding hanging signs and rigging had less to do with the hourly rate for labor and more to do with the added cost of rigging supplies. Exhibitors acknowledged that the hanging of signs and truss requires skilled labor and expensive equipment and is a service which should be performed by an official contractor.    However, exhibitors felt that the supplies required for hanging signs and truss should be built into the rigging rate to make budgeting and reviewing invoices simpler.

Therefore, New for 2019 with no price increase, NAB Show Cares is pleased to announce Inclusive Rigging Pricing, in which the rigging crew rate is inclusive of rigging supplies.  

To save you even more time and money, we are also pleased to offer special Truss & Lighting Packages at reduced rates.  Check these packages out and more in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

Additionally, NAB Show has always offered a rigging/hanging sign crew for a single blended rate with no additional overtime charges.  Exhibitor reaction to this rate structure has been very positive, so it will remain in place.  Given the tight move-in schedule, a blended rate means hanging can occur when it needs to occur logistically — whether after hours or weekends – and that no single exhibitor will pay a premium due to scheduling.

One of the best ways to save money is to plan, plan, plan.  Whether you are just having a few lights focused on your product, hanging a sign, or installing a complex truss and lighting rig, it’s critical that you communicate your plans with Freeman prior to move-in.  The more that Freeman understands about all the exhibitors’ needs and requirements, the better they will be able to plan labor and facilitate scheduling, which will mean a smoother move-in and move-out, less waiting, and more accurate budgeting.

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