Since exhibitors declared that their biggest challenge was the high cost and unpredictability of expenses, NAB Show Cares has been busy building a better and more sustainable exhibitor model that continues to transform the exhibitor experience at the NAB Show. Now exhibitors can spend less on show services and more on promoting products and generating more leads.

As step one of this mission, NAB Show Cares introduced “Unlimited Material Handling” to reduce fees for moving freight from the dock to your booth and back. For a fixed rate of just $3.85 per square foot, exhibitors now enjoy UNLIMITED Material Handling services that cover any and all items being brought into the show—regardless of quantity, weight or volume.  Exhibitors will collectively save more than 40% in 2019! Plus, the experience just got easier!

Stop trying to avoid expenses by: 

  • Showing pictures or videos of your products rather than shipping in the real thing. Since material handling fees are included, go ahead and display more products and equipment so attendees can see and experience them in action.
  • Unloading your own freight into the convention hall instead of shipping directly to the show. Now your items can be delivered to your booth before you arrive for no additional charge.
  • Making several trips to hand carry items. Instead, get a cart and assistance transporting your goods to your booth space.
  • Trying to figure out confusing fee structures and complicated schedules to avoid overtime and special handling charges. With the new unlimited material handling, these surcharges no longer exist.
  • Painstakingly auditing show invoices to ensure charges are accurate. The new set rates are easy to calculate and paid in advance with your space fees.

Instead, give 100% of your attention to:

  • Investing in pre-show promotional and marketing efforts to drive awareness and traffic to your booth.
  • Increasing your footprint at the show. How could you more effectively display and demonstrate your products with more space with a more interactive experience?
  • Boosting brand awareness and promoting thought leadership through increased marketing and sponsorships.
  • Promoting real-time show activity through social media channels.
  • Gaining and following up on more leads by using lead generation tools and analytics.

These monumental shifts in the exhibitor model are affording NAB exhibitors the opportunity to re-evaluate their trade show strategy. Some are reconsidering their marketing spend to improve interaction with attendees and occupy a larger footprint at the show. Others are re-investing their savings to ramp up lead generation before, during and after the show. No matter the objective, now’s a good time to study your trade show strategy and try something new.

Contact NAB Show Cares to be sure you’re taking full advantage of all these new initiatives. Let us help you determine what this program means for your bottom line. Ask us how to reduce costs, “exhibit smarter” and drive more booth traffic.

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