Whether you’re planning for your first exhibiting opportunity at NAB, or you’re a returning exhibitor ready for an exhibit refresh, your exhibition strategy requires an investment of thought, time, and money. An important part of that investment is evaluating whether renting or owning an exhibit booth will be the right allocation of resources.

To make the best decision, ask yourself these quick questions about your goals, objectives, and budget.

How Often Do I Exhibit?

If you exhibit at only one or two shows a year or you’re testing a new product or service, a rental booth may fit your needs. But if you’ll be on the road all year long at shows, a custom booth may be a better investment.

Even if you already own a booth, does it look dated or is it damaged? An older booth can look like new again with a small refresh, but a bulky, heavy booth might not be worth the cost in shipping when compared with the cost of a rental.

What Do I Need in My Booth?

Before you decide between a rental and a custom option, identify what you’re trying to accomplish at events like the NAB Show. Do you want room to accommodate rental furniture for comfortable conversations with prospects? Are you planning on incorporating the latest digital solutions?

What If I’m Planning to Switch Up My Exhibiting Strategy?

Rental solutions are great alternatives for exhibitors who are thinking about trying a new approach to exhibiting—even if they already own a booth. Rentals allow for cost-effective testing of alternative layouts, displays, footprints, and more without the obligation of ownership.

Still undecided? Download Freeman’s guide to deciding whether to rent or own an exhibit booth. It offers everything you need to help you choose the right solution for your brand and optimize your visitors’ brand experience journey.

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