What is included with Unlimited Material Handling?

Included with your inside/outside space fees is Unlimited Material Handling, which includes the unloading of your materials at the dock, delivery to your booth, storage of empty containers, and reloading of those materials back onto your outbound carrier or personally owned vehicle.

How do I avoid any additional fees?

Follow Your Target Deliver Date & Times

NAB Show is complex.  You have been assigned a target delivery date/time based upon the size and location of your booth to expedite deliveries and ensure a smooth move-in and move-out process.

To view your scheduled time, click on the floor plan link and pull up the “Target Floor Plan” for your hall.

It’s extremely important that exhibitors heed the Target Plan.  To encourage compliance, there is a penalty fee, if your shipment comes in at a date/time other than your target date.  That late charge is: $14.50/cwt., based upon a 200lb. minimum, per shipment.  Be sure to schedule your shipment to arrive during your target date/times.  By shipping with Freeman Transport or Specialized Transportation Inc., exhibitors can avoid this late charge fee.

Saving Tip:

  • Communicate the Target Schedule with your selected carrier. You might even try negotiating “penalties” for the carrier, if they miss the schedule.
  • Consider Freeman Transport or Specialized Transportation Inc., and ship with the confidence of knowing that they know the Target Schedule and will follow it automatically.
  • If your assigned target time does not work for you, there is a form in the Freeman Exhibitor Kit to request a different time.


Shipping is different than material handling. You will still pay your carrier to transport your materials to and from the convention center.

Saving Tip:  Get competitive bids for your transportation requirements and compare service levels and shipping costs

Advance Storage

If you wish to store your materials at the advance warehouse, there is a storage fee of $6.00/cwt, based upon a 200lb. minimum, per shipment.

FREEMAN will accept crated, boxed or skidded materials beginning MARCH 4, 2019.

Materials arriving after MARCH 27, 2019 will be considered “late to the warehouse”, and your shipment will incur a $14.50/cwt late fee.

Warehouse receiving hours are 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. If required, provide your carrier with this phone number: (702) 579-1700.

Saving Tips:

  • You can avoid this cost by shipping direct to show site.  The labels and shipping instructions can be found in the Freeman Exhibitor Service Kit.
  • Make sure shipments arrive at the warehouse between March 4 – March 27th.
  • Make sure shipments arrive during receiving hours of 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • There is a 200lb. minimum per shipment, where possible combine shipments onto one pallet to save costs.
  • Only ship crated, boxed, or skidded materials to the advance warehouse. Shipments that are not crated, boxed, or skidded should be sent direct to show site to avoid any additional fees.

Booth Work

Any booth work performed will be at the Exhibitors’ expense. Examples of booth work include lifting headers, positioning displays/equipment, or any work which requires special equipment, such as a crane, and/or any freight which requires assembly, unskidding, uncrating, or unbolting, or stacking.

Saving Tip:

  • Call Freeman Exhibitor Services and coordinate your plans with them in advance to budget accurately and save time and money onsite.
  • Schedule labor on straight time, where possible.


Review the answers to the Unlimited Material Handling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  


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