Do you know your target move-in date for the 2019 NAB Show? If not, you can easily find it on the right-hand side of the homepage of your exhibitor dashboard. Also, you can locate you target move-in date in the Exhibitor Manual. Now that you’ve got it, what does it mean, exactly? Your target move-in date is the date in which you as an exhibitor are permitted into the your booth space and can begin constructing your exhibit. Additionally, if you are shipping any booth materials in advance of your arrival, Freeman services will have brought those items into your space by your target move-in date and time.

However, to ensure your shipped items arrive at your booth by your target move-in date, you MUST make use of Freeman’s Advance Warehouse shipping labels when preparing your shipment. To ensure proper delivery, be sure to clearly write your company name, booth number and label each piece of your shipment on each label. Additionally, be sure a Freeman shipping label is on each side of each container and is well affixed to each side. Please be aware, the final date that Freeman will accept shipments to their advance warehouse is March 27th, 2019.

What’s that? Your shipment won’t be ready in order to arrive by March 27th? That’s okay, you can also ship directly to Show Site. The Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) will accept direct-to-show shipments starting on April 1st, 2019. If shipping directly to your booth, please follow the same instructions as above, but you MUST use Show Site shipping labels. Please be aware, if shipping direct-to-show, Freeman cannot guarantee your shipment will be placed in your booth by your move-in date and time. As a reminder, all exhibit hall booths must be set by Sunday, April 7th at 2pm.

Finally, would you like to move into your booth space prior to your listed move-in date? You can make that request to Freeman via this form. Please note, the deadline for any target move-in date change requests is  March 11th, 2019.