With the purchase of your exhibit space, you receive Unlimited Material Handling service.

What is the best option for you to have your materials unloaded and delivered to your booth?  Should you hand carry your items? Use cart service? Or, have your vehicle unloaded at the dock?

Following are a few tips, which will help you determine the best option:

When to Hand Carry

If you are coming to the NAB Show in your privately-owned vehicle (POV) and you have small items such as cartons and packages that can be hand carried from your parked car through the official hand carry entrances (see map), then hand carrying your items will be your quickest, easiest option.

The use of a personal luggage/office supply dolly is permitted.

Need Assistance?

If you have larger items that are too heavy to carry, or if you have too many items to carry and

you need a larger cart and labor to assist you, then the POV/Cart Service is for you.

Cart Service is part of Unlimited Material Handling and is included at no additional cost when you purchase your exhibit space.

POV/Cart Service is available at the following locations (see map):

  • North Hall: Door 14
  • Central Hall: Door 6
  • South Halls: Paradise Road Saw Tooth (upper and lower levels)

Signs will be posted to direct vehicles to designated POV/Cart Service check-in areas.

Two people must be with the vehicle – one to accompany the product to the booth and one to remove the vehicle from the area.

New this year, extended cart service hours available for your convenience:

Move-In:       Friday April 5th – Sunday 7th 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Move-Out:      Thursday, April 11th   4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Friday, April 12th 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

If your target move-in date is earlier Friday, April 5th and you wish to use cart service, please


Unloading at the Dock

If you are using a transportation company or delivering your materials in a vehicle that does not qualify for POV/Cart Service (see pictures above), your materials will need to be unloaded by Freeman personnel at the dock.  There is no additional cost for this service; it’s included with your exhibit space purchase.

Be sure to deliver according to your assigned Target Delivery Date and Time (See the search box top left of page.)

If you miss your target date/time, there is a late charge of $14.50/cwt. based upon a 200lb minimum, per shipment.

 Note:  Off-target fees do not apply to small packages (under 30 lbs.)

If you are unable meet your assigned target move-in date, please submit the Target Change Request form to Freeman.

 All carriers will need to check in at the Freeman Marshaling Yard (marshaling yard map).

Be sure to share your target delivery date and time and the marshaling yard map with your carrier.

Carriers will be dispatched to the Las Vegas Convention Center when docks become available at each Exhibit Hall.  Due to the large volume of deliveries, average wait times for carriers can be from 2 to 8 hours from check-in at marshalling yard to unload.

The Marshaling Yard opens at 6:00 AM every day during move in and carriers must check in by 2:00 PM to be guaranteed unloading for that day.  Note:  If you carrier does not arrive by 2:00PM, and your shipment must be unloaded the next day, you will be charged the off-target fee.

Storage at the Advance Warehouse

If you wish to store your materials at the advance warehouse, materials must arrive between March 4th and March 27th.

There is a storage fee of $6.00/cwt, based upon a 200lb. minimum, per shipment.

Shipments arriving after March 27th will be incur a $14.50/cwt late fee (200 lb. minimum, per shipment).

Use the Advance Storage shipping labels.

Warehouse receiving hours are 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.