Ordering internet services can be confusing.  Here are 7 quick tips to help you order the right service to cost effectively demonstrate your products and promote your company the way you need to:


  1. Contact the experts at Cox Business 855-519-2624 or orders@cox.com for assistance ordering the correct bandwidth to meet your needs and fit within your budget.


  1. If you are demonstrating products, live streaming, online gaming, uploading, downloading or sharing large media files, you should consider a Dedicated Internet Plan rather than a Wi-Fi Hotspot.


  1. Need predictable network performance, private networking security, and carrier grade network reliability at speeds up to 100 Mbps? Establish a secure, reliable fiber connection from your booth to major cloud service providers AWS and Microsoft Azure by ordering the “Cloud Port Service.” Call Cox directly at 1-855-519-2624 for guidance.  There are several critical steps customers must complete with their cloud service provider to take advantage of this service.


  1. If you need to share large amounts of critical data, work on one centralized platform, and connect between multiple booths with a dedicated link at speeds from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps, consider Cox Point-to-Point Connections. Call Cox directly at 1-855-519-2624 or email LVCC.orders@cox.com.


  1. If you have relatively simple internet needs, but you have many users, consider a 1.5 Mbps or 3.0 Mbps Wi-Fi Hotspot with options for 10 users to 100’s of users.


  1. Be sure to consult your internal tech team, so that you know exactly how much bandwidth you need to demonstrate your products so they operate at peak performance.


  1. Don’t have an internal tech team? Use the chart below as a guideline. But, remember, this chart is only a guideline and there is no substitute for planning directly with a Cox Business expert.


Internet Speed Requirements Based upon Intended Use Recommended Speed
Check email, browse the web, audio content.    1– 3 Mbps
Stream HD/High-Res content   10– 25 Mbps
Stream 4K content, demonstrate products, show online games, and download very large media files    25– 100 Mbps
Simultaneously stream 4K+ content, demonstrate products and online games; download very media large files    200 Mbps- 1 Gig





Dedicated Bandwidth 2019 Dedicated Pricing 2020 Pricing Before or

on March 15th

2020 Pricing After 

 March 15th

3 Mbps $3,500 $650 $812.50
10 Mbps $6,100 $1,700 $2,125
25 Mbps $14,300 $3,700 $4,625
50 Mbps $26,500 $6,500 $8,125
100 Mbps $42,000 $9,700 $12,125
200 Mbps $60,000 $18,500 $23,125
500 Mbps Custom Pricing $42,500 $53,125
1 Gig Custom Pricing $82,500 $103,125