Update your company profile for NAB Show’s new digital experience NAB Show Express! As an exhibitor, you areprobably looking to adjust your company profile to align with your company’s current goals and sales messages. NAB has provided you with a step by step tutorial here.

NAB Show Express will allow you to reach attendees and exhibitors across the country and globe. By updating your company description, you can showcase potential products, and include contact information to develop personal contacts. We recommend all exhibitors review their company profile to make sure it is its most update to date version so that everyone can make the most of this dynamic platform.

Every exhibitor has a basic listing on in NAB Show Express.  If you would like to look at potential options for upgrading to an enhanced listing, please take a look at the Media Kit, provided by NAB’s vendor, MapYourShow. Here you can find multiple options that could help you optimize your NAB Show Express experience. If one of these listings is of interest to your, please contact Tony Kruessel.

All new exhibitors if you are interested in the opportunity to participate in NAB Show Express, please contact NAB’s sales team to assist you with joining an engaging community and educational experience.