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Exhibiting Dollars & $ense: Budgeting and Controlling Costs

Tradeshows can be a big expense (i.e., spend a lot of money and get little or nothing in return)    or a productive investment delivering big returns. It all depends on how you view shows and how you manage your exhibiting dollars. As a starting point, I recommend viewing exhibiting as a marketing, sales and customer relationship [...]

Closed-Loop Lead Management: The 4th Critical Factor to Exhibiting Value & ROI

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this NAB Show article series. If you’re following along with me, you know the two important things your exhibit program should deliver: the importance of Defining Outcomes, and Selectively Attracting the right audience, and how to Manage Your Visitor Experience. If ROI is the name of your exhibiting game, and [...]

Measuring Exhibiting Performance & Results & Learning from Your Experience: The 5th Critical Factor to Exhibiting ROI

In my first article of this six part series, I said that for too many companies, their exhibiting investments end up as “expensive appearances”. And the two big factors creating this outcome were perspectives and practices. And finally, to ensure your exhibiting program does not end up as “expensive appearances” there are five critical success factors [...]

Managing Your Visitors’ Experience: The 3rd Critical Factor to Exhibiting Value & ROI

In my first three NAB Show articles, I talked about two important things your exhibit program should deliver, and the importance of executing the principles and practices of Defining Outcomes and Selective Attraction. The 3rd critical factor is the centerpiece of your exhibiting program, effectively managing your visitors’ experience. All of the other four success factors [...]

Selective Attraction: The 2nd Critical Factor to Exhibiting Value & ROI

In my last NAB Show article, I talked about the importance of clearly defining your exhibiting outcomes, then creating and executing around well-designed written action plans. Now let’s discuss an area I believe is one of the most misunderstood areas of successful exhibiting, the principle and practice of Selective Attraction. Here are some key thoughts and [...]

Defining Outcomes is the 1st Critical Factor to Exhibiting Value & ROI

In my first NAB Show article, I talked about two important outcomes an exhibit program should deliver: Every dollar and hour invested visibly and directly supports core business objectives.   Measurable financial value, beyond cost. So let’s discuss the first major step to making sure these two things happen. In Stephen Covey’s bestseller 7 Habits of [...]

Two Important Outcomes Your Company’s Exhibit Program Should Be Delivering

According to CEIR research, companies “spend” 40.3% of their annual marketing budget on exhibit/event marketing. Unfortunately, for too many companies, it ends up as exactly that… a big expense. While there should be no question that tradeshows are an extremely effective marketing, sales, and customer relationship management channel, in my 26 years as a Tradeshow Productivity [...]

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