NAB Show Cares – Material Handling

  Since exhibitors declared that their biggest challenge was the high cost and unpredictability of expenses, NAB Show Cares has been busy building a better and more sustainable exhibitor model that continues to transform the exhibitor experience at the NAB Show. Now exhibitors can spend less on show services and more on promoting products [...]

Need to Hang a Sign? Take advantage of the new Inclusive Rigging Pricing

Across all shows in the U.S., exhibitors expect the cost of hanging signs to be a big expense. However, due to the nature of products and services offered by NAB Show exhibitors, the expense of a rigging crew to hang truss and lights is a particularly sensitive issue. Did you know that Rigging & Hanging Signs [...]

Maximizing ROI with “No Surprise Electrical Outlet Pricing”

NAB Show created the NAB Show Cares program to support and improve the exhibitor’s experience at the show.  The new unlimited material handling program was the first major initiative rolled out for the 2019 show.  Now, we are pleased to reveal another exciting change -- "No Surprise Electrical Outlet Pricing". Through NAB’s research and conversations on [...]

Exhibiting Dollars & $ense: Budgeting and Controlling Costs

Tradeshows can be a big expense (i.e., spend a lot of money and get little or nothing in return)    or a productive investment delivering big returns. It all depends on how you view shows and how you manage your exhibiting dollars. As a starting point, I recommend viewing exhibiting as a marketing, sales and customer relationship [...]

Shipping, Drayage and Marshalling Yard, Oh My!

New? Old? Just really confused? We know shipping can be a tedious task to tackle, so we’ve broken it down for you. Read our Shipping and Move-in 101 Guide to learn more about shipping than you’ve ever wanted to know! Also, take this time to familiarize yourself with deadlines, target move-in dates and shipping options to [...]

Rigged for Success: Helpful Hints for Your NAB Show Signage and Overhead Structures

You already know that NAB Show is the place to be for those involved in media, entertainment, and technology. As you prepare to reveal your latest tools and solutions on the NAB Show Floor to over 100K potential decision-makers, you will want to make sure every aspect of your exhibit experience is ready to shine – [...]

Securing your booth from pre-show through post-show

Securing your booth, products and property onsite begins before the initial shipment is in transit. Make sure that exhibit property and product are shipped in containers that do not indicate the contents. Lockable containers for the shipment are effective in keeping property and products secure during transit. Use black shrink wrap when wrapping skids or pallets [...]

What do locks, Emergen-C packets and zip ties have in common?

They should all be at your booth! We recommend solving a problem before there is one. Start putting aside materials for an onsite booth kit early because, really, you never know what could come up. It is all about organization, and we are here to help! Be sure to read through our NAB Show Prep & [...]

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