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Unlimited Material Handling & Freight Delivery Options

With the purchase of your exhibit space, you receive Unlimited Material Handling service. What is the best option for you to have your materials unloaded and delivered to your booth?  Should you hand carry your items? Use cart service? Or, have your vehicle unloaded at the dock? Following are a few tips, which will help you [...]

NAB Show Webinar – A Special Webinar for New Exhibitors

https://vimeo.com/317092606   Hosted by Cindy Zuelsdorf, Kokoro Marketing with special guest Kim Hogeveen, Event Marketing Manager at Ross Video. View this webinar to learn: •  The ultimate checklist for day 1 of your NAB Show  • Top questions about the exhibitor’s manual • How Ross Video ensures each staff member has the best possible show • What an events [...]

The Fine Print Transporting Exhibit Materials. Are Your Assets Protected?

As an exhibitor, you prepare and strategize for months prior to attending a trade show.  Unfortunately, even if you do everything right and plan for every scenario, you still may be exposed to the loss or damage of your exhibit materials during transport or while attending an industry event. Worse yet, due to liability limits, you [...]

Budgeting & Planning Tip #1: Unlimited Material Handling: How to Avoid Additional Fees

What is included with Unlimited Material Handling? Included with your inside/outside space fees is Unlimited Material Handling, which includes the unloading of your materials at the dock, delivery to your booth, storage of empty containers, and reloading of those materials back onto your outbound carrier or personally owned vehicle. How do I avoid any additional fees? [...]

Need to Hang a Sign? Take advantage of the new Inclusive Rigging Pricing

Across all shows in the U.S., exhibitors expect the cost of hanging signs to be a big expense. However, due to the nature of products and services offered by NAB Show exhibitors, the expense of a rigging crew to hang truss and lights is a particularly sensitive issue. Did you know that Rigging & Hanging Signs [...]

Maximizing ROI with “No Surprise Electrical Outlet Pricing”

NAB Show created the NAB Show Cares program to support and improve the exhibitor’s experience at the show.  The new unlimited material handling program was the first major initiative rolled out for the 2019 show.  Now, we are pleased to reveal another exciting change -- "No Surprise Electrical Outlet Pricing". Through NAB’s research and conversations on [...]

Exhibiting Dollars & $ense: Budgeting and Controlling Costs

Tradeshows can be a big expense (i.e., spend a lot of money and get little or nothing in return)    or a productive investment delivering big returns. It all depends on how you view shows and how you manage your exhibiting dollars. As a starting point, I recommend viewing exhibiting as a marketing, sales and customer relationship [...]

Earn Priority Points With Your Las Vegas Hotel Reservation

NAB Show is a thrilling ride of selling, networking and learning. But before this swirl of excitement, exhibitors have to dot their i’s and cross their t’s with preparation. Back by popular demand, rack up Priority Points by simply booking a hotel room! Tell me more! Earn 5 Priority Points for the first room booked. Earn [...]

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