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Managing Your Visitors’ Experience: The 3rd Critical Factor to Exhibiting Value & ROI

In my first three NAB Show articles, I talked about two important things your exhibit program should deliver, and the importance of executing the principles and practices of Defining Outcomes and Selective Attraction. The 3rd critical factor is the centerpiece of your exhibiting program, effectively managing your visitors’ experience. All of the other four success factors [...]

ROI, Attribution and Justifying Your Trade Show Spend with Lynn Elliott

NAB Webinar - ROI, Attribution, and Justifying your Trade Show Spend with special guest, Lynn Elliott, Digital Marketing & Product Manager, Telestream. Hosted by Cindy Zuelsdorf. Key Takeaways: Prioritize measurable metrics like revenue and lead generation. How to determine cost savings from exhibiting at a trade show. The importance of branding.

Best Practices for myNAB Show 2018

Watch Webinar This 30-minute webinar covered best practices and marketing opportunities for NAB Show 2018. Make sure to take advantage of the incentives offered before Monday, February 28! $505 off the Silver Package $2,005 off the Gold Package or Higher Key Topics: Utilize your Exhibitor Dashboard Showcase products before, during, and after the show  Develop qualified [...]

Boost Traffic, Get More of It and Make the Most of It

NAB Show Webinar: “Getting More Booth Traffic and Making the Most of It” hosted by Cindy Zuelsdorf with special guest Jesse Foster, Director of Product and Business Development, Cobalt Digital. This webinar will provide tips on how you can get more traffic to your tradeshow booth and how to best interact with potential customers. Key Topics: [...]

Top 5 Exhibitor Tips to Increase Show Results

In today’s social networking age, some think investing in a trade show isn’t necessary. We think those people are mistaken! Not much beats the enormous value of meeting clients and prospects face-to-face. However, just buying a booth and showing up doesn’t making the most of your investment. Here are our Top 5 Tips for making an [...]

Selective Attraction: The 2nd Critical Factor to Exhibiting Value & ROI

In my last NAB Show article, I talked about the importance of clearly defining your exhibiting outcomes, then creating and executing around well-designed written action plans. Now let’s discuss an area I believe is one of the most misunderstood areas of successful exhibiting, the principle and practice of Selective Attraction. Here are some key thoughts and [...]

Using LinkedIn as part of your marketing and trade show promotion plan

Cindy Zuelsdorf examines how NAB Show Exhibitors can use LinkedIn to benefit their marketing and trade show promotional plan. The webinar covers these three specific areas: Sponsored content - putting an update in the LinkedIn feed of your customers and prospects. Account Based Marketing and how to use LinkedIn to do ABM. Insight tag - free data from [...]

Defining Outcomes is the 1st Critical Factor to Exhibiting Value & ROI

In my first NAB Show article, I talked about two important outcomes an exhibit program should deliver: Every dollar and hour invested visibly and directly supports core business objectives.   Measurable financial value, beyond cost. So let’s discuss the first major step to making sure these two things happen. In Stephen Covey’s bestseller 7 Habits of [...]

Lead Scoring Before and After Tradeshows

"Lead Scoring Before and After Trade Shows" hosted by Cindy Zuelsdorf with special guest Kelly Mayeda, Segment Marketing Manager, Quantum This webinar will show you how lead scoring can make your trade show more successful. Learn about the best way to implement lead scoring for your company.  Key Topics: How lead scoring can help to close sales [...]

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