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NAB Show Webinar – Using Social Media (What Really Works)

View the webinar below and learn: • How to know if social media is right for your company • What kind of social media is best before the show? • How to use social media during the show • What are pixels, tags, events, coupon codes, and geo-fencing? Hosted by Cindy Zuelsdorf, Kokoro Marketing with [...]

60 Second Exhibitor Video Contest – Ready, Set, Share!

If you had one minute to tell attendees why they should visit your booth, what would you say? Now is your chance!   Submit a 60 second video telling attendees who you are and why your booth should be at the top their list of exhibitors to visit at 2019 NAB Show. The Prize: Winner will receive [...]

Be cool. Be interesting. Stay visible. New Social Media Features – in 5 Minutes or Less

Be cool. Be interesting. Stay visible. Utilizing new features to reach your audiences.  Looking to try something new this year? Here are a few ideas, by platform, to get you started.   Facebook: Still the platform.  In-app video cropping. So you can convert your videos to square formats which are best for mobile viewing and repurposing for [...]

Using LinkedIn as part of your marketing and trade show promotion plan

Cindy Zuelsdorf examines how NAB Show Exhibitors can use LinkedIn to benefit their marketing and trade show promotional plan. The webinar covers these three specific areas: Sponsored content - putting an update in the LinkedIn feed of your customers and prospects. Account Based Marketing and how to use LinkedIn to do ABM. Insight tag - free data from [...]

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